Etta Loves Extra Large Dandelion Sensory Muslin - Ideal For Babies 0-4 Months


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Extra-large supersoft bamboo muslin square.

High contrast black and white pattern, designed specifically to aid 0-4 month old babies' cognitive and visual development.

The dandelion pattern lends itself perfectly to babies' visual develpment as younger infants will love the black dot centre of the dandelion and the overall circle of seeds, whereas older infants will begin to appreciate the detail which makes up the pattern. Not to mention how stylish it looks on anyone's shoulder.

Generous 120cm x 120cm size; perfect for swaddling, using as a blanket, as a pram shade, mopping up baby yuck, playing peekaboo with and much more. 

Pack includes 1 x dandelion print muslin.

Read more about the brand and the science behind the muslins here.