Monochrome X Colour Pop Décor

We all know how much I love a monochrome nursery, home, life and wardrobe; however I also love a colour pop. Whether this be in fashion with a colour pop shoe, beauty with a bright nail or lip or my home, head over to The Nursery Edit Pinterest for Mama Style ideas. 
One of our favourite nursery décor styles is monochrome, it's timeless, chic, fun and unisex.
The beauty of having a neutral colour palette is you can switch it up so easily with simple additions of cushions, books, wooden blocks or wall art. I think it's also good to point out that neutral and monochrome doesn't have to mean boring, it can have huge wow factor and including prints is a good way to switch things up. 
Talking of prints, don't be afraid to mix them up...think stripes, dots, pineapples, clouds and zig zags. Start with the essentials, a crib, wall colour (this can be white of course), furniture and then add from there. You could then move on to bedding, with bold monochrome prints such as the Ooh Noo Zebra Bedding or the Geometric print and then add a contrasting pattern like our Mama Designs Pineapple Babasac. 

Then adding soft accessories, such as cushions and throws. It's lovely to have a chair in the nursery for when they move into their own room and still need night feeds, it's important you are comfortable too! As they grow older, you can use the chair for story time. Draping a cosy knit blanket over the chair and adding a cushion is a lovely addition both visually and comfort wise. This is where you can get creative and add a colour pop into the equation...take inspo from our Meri Meri Stripe Neon Blankets and jazz things up. 
Nursery shelves are pretty much a must in these Instagram/Pinterest days, they actually do have plenty of handy uses too. We have one long shallow shelf above the chest of drawers (which doubles up as a changing unit), which holds a framed wall art, small toys which looks pretty but aren't quite suitable for a one year old to play with, and we like to add books too.
Adding a small shallow shelf at child height is also a lovely way to create a reading corner, where they can stack their favourite books ready for bedtime. This is also a lovely way to tie into the decor too, there are so many beautiful books for kids these days and it's a shame to hide them away in boxes. The Little People Big Dreams collection is a perfect example of this and also the We Found a Hat Book has a modern cover and an intriguing story to match. 
Back to colour pop ideas, so far we have cushions, throws and books. You can also add beautiful wooden toys such as our Wooden Rainbows which come in a range of colours and have matching Ring Stackers, you could add wall stickers to create a bold, modern feel with minimal effort. Another lovely idea is wall art, you can easily change these depending of mood or age of your child and our Wonder & Rah prints are so cool they look great all around the home!
Some our favourite Instagram accounts that inspire our monochrome theme are - 
And of course, there's lots of ideas on our own too...
We've added some product and décor ideas below...Don't forget that if you have any questions just get in touch, we're always more than happy to help with designs ideas, gift inspiration and anything else!






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