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it's been a while since we've had a behind the brand blog post and I've been excited to share this one with you all.

keira runs mama designs, who have created a range of mama tested baby products including the award winning babasac, modern cellular blankets and the coolest monochrome pineapple print. here she tells us her business highs and lows and what she has planned for the future of mama designs...

what inspired you to create the brand?

I started the business 9 years ago with Mamascarf, my first product which I created as I was really self conscious breastfeeding my baby boy. When I looked for a product and was unable to find one  I decided to use my redundancy money to do it myself. Mamascarf is a discreet breastfeeding cover and it is still our best seller today.

how would you describe it in 3 words?

practical meets style

how has your life changed since having kids - how do you find balancing your own business and kids?

I can't remember life before them! It is a juggle, I love the freedom of being my own boss though and the fact that it gives me more time with them than I would have if I was working for someone else. There are ups and downs, although I get more time, I never completely switch off. I am trying to do that a bit more and have some time away from my phone.

what’s your favourite item from the collection and why?

It changes all of the time as new stuff comes out! Currently loving the hummingbird muslins but I have just seen the first sample of a new product which is soooo nice!

who inspires you…

Can't think of one particular person but I am inspired by all of the mama's doing their own thing and launching businesses around their families.

what’s the process behind the products?

My first products were all inspired by my experiences as a mum and products that would have helped me. I design everything myself by hand, although I am not very techy so I have some help getting it onto the computer. As the business has evolved so have the processes, now some of the products are simply extensions to our range in beautiful prints or fabrics. Everything is fully tested (road tested by parents as well as independently safety tested to make sure they meet UK and European requirements).

what has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

There have been many challenges along the way. I was the victim of IP theft, when I found out that someone was selling Mamascarf as their own, calling it "mummy scarf "and using all my images and copy but with different coloured scarves (photoshopped on and the heads cut off my photos!) It was on EBay so I managed to use their VERO programme to prove that I was the brand owner and have them removed. It was really stressful.

what’s your proudest business moment? 

I think it was when I was on This Morning with Mamascarf and chatting to Phil and Fern live on TV.

plans for the future...

More products! We have some more exciting stuff planned for 2018 and hope to increase our exports into more countries.

to discover more about the mama designs collection and shop your favourite products, click here

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