Hello World - Baby Shower Inspiration

Baby Showers are becoming more and more popular in the UK and we're fully on board when it comes to celebrating new babes and the wonderful Mama too! Originally an American trend, the trend has bloomed and now tends to include cake, a beautiful bump, gifts and sometimes games. 

Here we've put together a collection of gift ideas, decoration ideas and where to get them, and of course, lots of lovely photos to swoon over. 

First..gifts. It's completely up to you when or if you chose to gift a new baby, some people like to give a gift at the baby shower and then a card when the baby arrives, others prefer to celebrate with the Mama at the baby shower and then gift when the baby arrives. After attending quite a few baby showers recently and from my own experience, I think it's nice to give something to the very deserving Mama to be and then what I think are beautiful baby essentials. 

1. Muslin Swaddles

Extra large, soft and endless uses. These are an essential for any new family and will be used for a long time too. Below are a few suggestions from Etta Loves, which are Baby Sensory Muslins and help aid babies developing vision...

Etta Loves Sensory Muslin Swaddles £19.95


2. Cellular Blankets

Again, these will stand the test of time with any new family. They are safe to use in cots and keep little ones cosy in prams. Their breathable design and simple Grey and colour pop combo is a winner!

 Mama Designs Cellular Blankets £22.00

3. Baby Care

There are few things better than the smell of a freshly bathed little baby but taking care of delicate skin can sometimes be tricky. Natural is the way to go when it comes to baby care in our opinion and our new brand Kokoso is just that. Their Award Winning Coconut Baby Oil is LOVED by parents, including mega Mama Clemmie Hooper @mother_of_daughters. Use daily as a deeply moisturising body butter, silky-soft bottom balm, heavenly baby massage oil and so much more. There's also a matching Hair and Body Wash suitable for baby skin too!

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil £7.99

4. The Milk Collective Milk Bottle Rattles

The Milk Collective is a cool and playful brand founded by Liverpool based modern mum, Jazmin Garner. The collection consists of plush Milk Bottle shaped rattles which has a soft jingle and are super cuddly. They make a lovely gift for design conscious parents and are all handprinted by Jaz! Available in 7 colours, including pastels and monochromes. 

Milk Bottle Rattles £18.00

5. Blossom & Bear Teethers 

Anyone who has experience a teething baby knows how hard it can be, so having something for your baby to chew on and ease their gums is a must. Blossom & Bear make baby safe teething toys in a range of modern designs and colours. There's also Mumma Beads which are teething necklace designed to be worn by parents for on the go teething! The cactus teether is our Best Seller and we can tell why, it's so cool! 

Blossom & Bear Teethers from £4.50


All things decor!

Now we've given your a couple of lovely gift ideas, it's time to move onto the planning and decorating! 

We have two gems to share with you when it comes to party companies, OTHERLETTERS and Little Paperie. They have everything you need to make the baby shower beautiful. Think custom cake toppers, balloons, straws, garlands, confetti. They're all perfect for the modern Mama too!



Little Paperie




As with anything to do with parties and planning, Pinterest is the place to go for inspirational images. You can find game ideas, decoration tips and themes galore. Set up a board and you can invite anyone who is helping with the plans to contribute ideas and images. 

If you're still wanting more baby shower and new baby gift inspiration, look no further than our NEW Baby Care and Gifts collection on our website. There's plenty of ideas and feel free to email or message us on social if you have any questions or need some help choosing the perfect item. 

Enjoy x



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